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Press Office

Welcome to the 2012 Kwani? Litfest press office. If you have a media request of any sort, please contact Sandra Chege at /+254 710 300 891 and we will do our best to help.

The 2012 Kwani? Litfest takes place from 9th – 16th December 2012 at a number of venues across Nairobi. Our festival home is the Nairobi National Museum, and a dedicated press desk will be open there from 9am - 5pm on festival days for the duration of the festival. The Press Office can advise on specific areas of the programme, filming, recording, TV and radio broadcasts or help to arrange interviews with visiting authors and Kwani Trust staff.

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About Kwani? Litfest
Kwani? Litfest was established in 2006. The literary festival brings together leading writers from across Africa for one week in a high-energy social and creative encounter around one salient subject, explored through the lenses of the continent’s past, present and emerging literatures. The 2006 edition was themed ‘Ideas, Words and Markets’. The 2008 edition ‘Telling Truths: Writers in Conflict: Our Role, Our Imperative, Our Impact’ took the violence following the 2007 election in Kenya as a starting point for the generation of ideas around the place of the writer in reinventing post-conflict spaces. The 2010 edition brought three generations of African writers together under the banner ‘Tell Us What Happened’ and featured conversations comparing challenges, socio-political contexts and techniques across 50 years of African writing.

Images, Photography & Interviews
Requests to interview participants and Kwani Trust should be directed through the press office. Visit us in person at the National Museum between 9am and 5pm on festival days or email and we will do everything we can to facilitate your request

Filming & Recording
Please contact / +254 710 300 891 in advance of any events you would like to film or record at Kwani? Litfest. We will do our best to facilitate your request, but will need to seek permission from participants and venues ahead of time

Press Release: Kwani? Litfest 2012 (PDF)
Press Release: Kwani? Litfest 2012 (Word)

Bios for Writers and Artists appearing at Kwani? Litfest (PDF)
Bios for Writers and Artists appearing at Kwani? Litfest (Word)


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