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3bute Mash-ups for Kwani? Litfest 2012
3bute [pronounced: tribute] is an online anthology devoted to the contexts often missing when African stories are reported. Their mash-up platform lets artists collaborate with writers on 3-page visualizations of their stories and journalism. The visuals become pinboards readers can tag with context they think is relevant to the story. By being able to add context to these narrative and "mashable" surfaces, their goal is to render, with your help, the developing world in a more engaging and immersive way.

3bute and Kwani Trust have collaborated on a series of mash-ups by writers appearing at Kwani? Litfest 2012.  The first in the series ‘Desperate to Fight’ by Ethiopian playwright Meaza Worku is now live and the mash-up has started.  Check out the amazingly innovative combinination of text and image, and get involved by adding your own content and comments.

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