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Chehem Watta

Chehem Watta was born in the Djibouti Republic and teaches at the Faculty of Medicine and Djibouti University. He is the HIV/AIDS advisor to the president of the Djibouti Republic, as well as an awarded poet. He is the author of six poetry collections, Rimbaud l’Africain. Diseur de silence [Rimbaud, the African] (2012), Djibouti, le silence embrasé du désert (2012), O pays, perle sur la langue-routes pour le monde (2005), Cahier de brouillon des poèmes du désert (1999), Pèlerin d’errance (1997), and Sur les soleils de Houroud (1997), of the novel Amours nomades [Loves of Nomads] (2008) and the novella L'éloge des voyous [In praise of louts] (2008). Watta is working on a new book: l’Union des crabes de la mer Rouge ou les courtes histories des baisés jetés à l’océan Indien et à la mer Rouge [the sacred Union of crabs of the Red Sea]

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